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The Capilano Review New Physicalities Spring Contest submission deadline

June 30, 2020

As civic selves we have been called upon to “do our part,” to distance from one another to slow the spread of a virus. We retreat and stock up in preparation for emergency measures even while, as a whole, we are reminded of the necessity of connection, relations, and community. We share stories, salt dough recipes, and homemade remedies. Anxiety, precarity, loss, and isolation are also common amongst us. How do we thrive? Evoking generational knowledge, what lessons, strategies of care, and innovations are your mainstays? What new qualities are being brung to the notion of “staying in touch”? In some ways slower, stiller, and more reliant on the dematerial—what is elegant; what holds; what is value IRL? – Contest judge Cecily Nicholson

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June 30, 2020