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This section offers interesting and provocative addresses and speeches given to mark Griffin Poetry Prize events and milestones.

In addition, take a look at the Launch of the Griffin Poetry Prize for speeches from founder Scott Griffin and founding trustee David Young marking the occasion of the inception of the prize.

August Kleinzahler – 2014 Awards

August Kleinzahler Opens the 2014 Awards Ceremony Prizes are great: a luxurious fun-filled-all expenses paid holiday for two in Mazatlan, Mexico – c’mon down. A La-Z Boy Luxury Lift Power Recliner w/6 Motor Massage & Heat A Lincoln Navigator 4×2, sticker price $59, 062 WHEEL OF FORTUNE! A Dicker&Dicker of …   Read more

Pura López Colomé – 2013 Awards

Pura López Colomé Opens the 2013 Awards Ceremony The Present’s Present The day I realized that those words my mother would repeat in my brother’s ears and my own when we went into that dark church – not when we attended mass – were actually part of a sonnet written by …   Read more

Speeches Archive

Glyn Maxwell – 2010 Awards

Poet Glyn Maxwell Opens the 2010 Awards Ceremony One morning I was driving my daughter to school, she was about eight. Those kids in Shakespeare …

Carolyn Forché – 2009 Reykjavik

Why Poetry? The Poetry Of Witness Carolyn Forché, Griffin Trustee, Speaks At The Reykjavik International Literary Festival I’m honored to have been invited to participate …

Don Mckay – 2009 Reykjavik

Why Poetry?Don McKay, 2007 Canadian Griffin Poetry Prize Winner, Speaks at the Reykjavik International Literary Festival A visit to Iceland is an important occasion for …

James Wood – 2009 Awards

Literary Critic and Novelist James Wood Opens the 2009 Awards Ceremony Custom dictates that an after-dinner speech should be amusing, but I want to talk …

Paul Farley – 2008 Awards

Paul Farley, 2007 International Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlisted Poet, Opens the 2008 Awards Ceremony It’s always a great pleasure to be invited back anywhere, especially …

Matthew Rohrer – 2007 Awards

Matthew Rohrer, 2005 International Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlisted Poet, Opens the 2007 Awards Ceremony I come before you all for a second time, to plead …