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Don't laugh when I confess every cobalt

coloured little lake along the Trans-Canada

is flooding where I cried for you, hungry

tires eating the pavement from Winnipeg

to Couchiching and Shabbaqua, my body

hurtling through spruce scented air toward

polluted Ontario, my spirit reaching long

arms back across the miles to open prairie,

deer among the aspen of La Barriere Forest,

singers around a fire, your filmmaker's eye,

your poet's tongue, your quicksilver

philosopher's mind, quivering skin, naked

heart, how do you know if you're crazy,

these commuter lives, from exhausting

winters in dirty cities to snatched moments

in paradise, being with you, sunflower

mosquito dragonfly grasshopper ice in

the lungs wish it could last happiness

from Heart

Di Brandt

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