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Father's ashes on the back seat behind two sons

In a lane not for metaphor

Well, maybe a metaphor about something unfinished

-One million hands passing us through the Midwest

Last wishes by way of fishtail / Day dreams by way of collision /

   Home in the badlands of translation / Relaxed passing / Great

   grandparents' finger bones / Father's ashes / No longer arms /

   Just tattoos

Badlands imagination



A father's last trip home

We don't know what else we good at besides this traveling

Exits in collage / Exits in pieces / Pieces of 1970s kitchen plates /

   In a good luck refrigerator / We still ain't ate / The narcotic

   swing of how we see yesterday

Get out of the car against desperate white supremacy

from Heaven Is All Goodbyes

Tongo Eisen-Martin

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