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The battalion proceeded to MILLO to fortify the old city

walls. In the middle of a marl road snaking between

tall canes Godspeed met Pipecock Jackxon wearing a

necklace of two flattened Coca-Cola corks sweat stuck

to his chest. Urim and Thummim he called them. Seven

John crows flagged out of SOKHO when he strung the

corks around the boy’s neck.

Then to the clashing silver green sound of the canes he said:

“I Pipecock Jackxon Jack Lightning Jesse the Hammer

Lee Scratch Perry Daniel Dandelion the Lion I am the

flying fish. I boom Death and I boom debts and I bust

bets and I win bets and I sin Death and I kill Death with

my fate lock. Behold! I conquer Hell with my Merry

Christmas bells. I am a walking talking time boom.

Dandelion the King of ZION.”


Ishion Hutchinson

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