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   Old old papers that Cesar too had crushed, directories and corrugated cardboard, books and newsprint all together ...

   Or printers' blocks of crushed paper, ordinary bags (prices vary)?

   Nickel from Severonickel, free-fall stainless steel in April.

   Forget-me-not fittings from the ugines Isbergues plant blue flower absolutely note: an avalanche of stainless leaf-thin sheets, that's all.

   Complicated as a meeting of the 'grinders'' group of the national iron-workers' union.

   A boat out of recycled drink-cans to cross the Pacific in.

   Household ashes, broken glass.

   More aluminium (pure, from saucepans), goose-feathers, white, half-white, lead whole empty batteries.

   Red brass, bronze (from grapeshot, turning) other worn-out metals.

   Pages from The Scrap Merchant that my father would read with care and tie in bundles as they dated.

Old old papers

Susan Wicks, translation from
the French written by Valérie Rouzeau

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