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she left for Australia a couple of years ago

with five hundred bucks and a backpack

she picked fruit    drove truck    tended bar

did a stint washing paintbrushes for an artist

eventually posing for him while his wife baked gingersnaps

her gift is that the wife didn't mind

couldn't blame her husband for wanting to sketch

the beautiful sister    was a bit in love herself

she called us Christmas Day

I held the phone between ear and shoulder

as I peeled potatoes and checked the turkey

it was Boxing Day in Melbourne

how Star Trek I said

I was laughing until my husband rolled his eyes

and then I stopped

chopped the potatoes with short hard strokes

I thought how fitting it was

to speak to the beautiful sister from the future

I asked her for an inside tip    tomorrow's lottery numbers

thought maybe I would throw these fucking potatoes

in the garbage or better yet just leave them

on the counter to brown and rot

walk out the door jump on a plane

get the hell out of here

sister from the future

Leslie Greentree

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