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after tomson highway

girl of surplus. girl who is made from fragments. she who can only

be spoken of by way of synecdoche. she whose name cannot be

enunciated only mouthed.

mother of that which cannot be mothered. mother who wants

nothing and everything at the same time. she who gave birth to

herself three times: 1. the miscarriage. 2. the shrunken world.

3.the aftermath.

sister of forest fire. sister who dwells in the wreckage. she who forages

for the right things in the wrong places. nothing is utopia and so she

prays to a god for a back that can bend like a tree splitting open to

make room for the heat.

aunt of the sovereignty of dust. aunt of that which cannot be

negated entirely. she who is magic because she goes missing and

comes back. she who walks upside down on the ceiling of the

world and does not fall.

kookum of love in spite of it all. kookum who made a man out of

a memory. she who is a country unto herself.

father of ash. father of a past without a mouth. he who ate too much

of the sunset.

The Rez Sisters II

Billy-Ray Belcourt

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