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There must be a method of transport

because there are regulations about the movement

of dangerous goods. You made me

a photocopy. I’ve started worrying about getting

the proper transportation certificate

which requires the inspector’s signature,

which requires believing there is

an inspector with the authority to okay me.

There are moments when a dog will hear

what you cannot. The bark is a warning

at 92 decibels. Because you hear nothing

moving out there, fear is vague and continuous.

Quiet is a command that registers only 7 decibels when

spoken aloud. I read your note about the beauty

of the immune system and the mathematics of the brain.

How would you like me to interpret

this love letter? It weighs next to nothing

and ends abruptly. It’s true, the container

has great aesthetic value but I was really hoping

for a free watch with a rechargeable battery or

at least a better kind of nothingness.

The Shipping Container

Kate Hall

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