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Not News at Ten

Poetry Society 22 Betterton St, London

Poets, film-makers and fashion-designers present open-ended experiments in Creative Journalism. For readers to be re-enchanted with the world, we have to go beyond zombie news ... Creative Journalism Factual, Lyrical, Truthful As told by today’s media, the world we live in reads like a closed book. Can it be re-opened, …

European Poetry Festival – British & Lithuanian poets collaborate!

Poetry Society 22 Betterton St, London

A special focus event of the European Poetry Festival, some of the finest literary poets from Lithuania, nation of focus at the London Bookfair 2018, and their British contemporaries present brand new collaborations made for the night. Featuring: Marius Burokas & George Szirtes Aušra Kazili?nait? & SJ Fowler Giedr? Kazlauskaite …