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Words That Breathe and Transform: Slam Poetry Competition

September 15, 2022

  • Poets are invited to submit an entry for 2022 Poetry Africa festival theme: Poetic (In)Justice. The poet is free to interpret the theme as broadly as possible but the poem must express the poet’s ideas related to matters such as human rights, justice and equality. We are looking for innovation, creativity and different integration of multimedia to engage with matters of human rights, justice, equality & democracy.
  • A poem submitted for the competition can be in any of the official South African languages but it must have English subtitles. Poetry Africa is streamed globally and the use of English is for the purposes of being accessible to the festival’s global audiences.
  • A poet may submit on one entry for the competition.
  • The poem must be submitted in a video format (MP4, AVI). Poem/video must be no more than 100MB.
  • The video poem must not exceed 3 minutes in total. Entrants will be allowed a 10 second grace period. Failure to keep to the length prescribed, the poet might be disqualified.
  • The poem submitted for the competition must be original and be the poet’s own work; and it should not have been submitted anywhere else (other digital slams/projects).
  • The video must be original and not contain other people’s copyrighted material. In the event that the poet uses any other person’s content in the video (visuals or sound, etc) it is the onus of the poet to secure the rights of use for such content. The festival reserves the right to request proof thereof.
  • Props, costumes and/or instruments are permissible in the presentation of poems.
  • Poets may not do introductions to their poems.
  • Poets may submit their videos via WhatsApp to 076 307 9660.