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winter water blue melt backlit
life suddenly in thin chemise
in questions and old silences




in the puzzle of proper nouns
and barking city: February
slow eyelashes that beckon to love
and spinning tops




foliage of word for word
gentleness that evades meaning
plunge into the dark
with metronome




crabs eels intestines
legs and antennae
destiny you said it
from memory
with a single verb




the thousand and one possibilities of the toe, the foot
the ankle
images in the subway glued to each other
faces pressed against the whys



the saliva the fingernails
it all goes beyond
adverbs and bones




the future the future
naked things design
audacity vertical




a woman in panties
half-spoken surrounded
by syntax and paintings




dark eyebrows
a starlet sings
an amphetamine clenched in her teeth




fire close to dying
at the edge of a forest
kiss that counts




someone standing
before an accident
of cars and fiction




under the eyelid:
time’s measuring tape
dust in equilibrium




peoples and their signatures
their faces more alive
than crabs and pigeons in the shade
of cherry trees




poetry drawn back from daring
fiction if you ask me
hazelnut: image of an old
tomb with a squirrel




a photo repeated that sparks a taste
for pleasure with a grain of salt
on the tongue
a photo repeated
a stack of selves archived




big blue armchairs
their cloth arms worn down
by memory and odours
that intoxicate. Retina,
adjust your thoughts




emergency staircase on a slant
with slow blue flung at the sky
window and woman smiling




the rust the steel, broken panes
of America the colour of graffiti
then in slow motion: tulips appear
spinal cord
strange archives




on the iron rails
of a century the mud
of a day the immensity




Sombre: night flower
or calculated shadow
brief flame: hypothesis




Feinte speak reflection
seen through glasses
all words are ribbons




reading lèvres micro
i know the answer
poems that demand we open
the fire the heart: devour me

palace and ice
parentheses ( duvet )
orange, epidermis
i beg of you: answer




birds pepper-coloured
a flight of silence with clouds
distant. I retrace my steps
touch here a woman’s arm




tiny algae that enter
blue water imbued water
always another beginning




the lemon the martini the olive
all that amuses
then came night with its lampshades
describe the light
touch tomorrow




the immense everyday furled in the iris
a morning
of found orchids

Apparition of Objects

Robert Majzels & Erín Moure, translation from
the French written by Nicole Brossard

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