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... a two-day bus ride to the northern border where the family crossed into Canada, suitcases in hand."

- CBC News, September 13, 2017

welcome turning selves in, selves traveling through space, turning being in to paper

flesh becomes white fiber for deliberation, legality in question, self a question mark

welcome signatures, boxes checked on forms welcome dossiers deconstructed

sequences of numbers queued up to be filed, sorted, detained, catalogued, welcome,

interrogated, archived, speculated upon in the news, counted, and either welcome,

accepted, rejected, re-counted, queued up again, filed into a different queue, chased,

fled, welcome, or stalked in limbo in borgesian bureacratic labyrinths, trash-talked

by pundits, welcome, whispered about in polite living rooms, opined on from the

middle class on down, welcome, debated in wood-paneled parliament encircled by

welcome, by words, invoked to stoke fear, vilified as terror, as other, welcome, now

tossing on narrow army cots chrome and canvas reality, minimal without aesthetic,

the furniture of state aid of newsflash

from alterity

Kaie Kellough

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Mira Rosenthal


translated from the Polish written by
Tomasz Różycki