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Eleanor Wachtel interviews Tolu Oloruntoba

In this in-depth interview with CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel, 2022 Griffin Poetry Prize Canadian winner Tolu Oloruntoba shares some of his earliest memories, the influential role of his mother in shaping his writing practice, the miss-shapings of trauma and healing he found in poetry, his difficult migration from Nigeria to North …   Read more

Eleanor Wachtel interviews Douglas Kearney

In this exclusive interview with CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel, 2022 Griffin Poetry Prize international winner Douglas Kearney delves into how hip-hop and Black vernacular traditions have shaped his poetry, the impact of growing up with a “constant overlapping of languages” in Altadena, California, the joy of creating the page as a …   Read more

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Ian Williams interviews Liz Howard

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Paul Muldoon interviews Ed Roberson

I’m amazed at how much I like the architecture of poems…The shapes of poems actually say things and carry weight and meaning. Ed Roberson In …

Paul Muldoon interviews Douglas Kearney

I have a plan but the poem tells me, ‘Nah, don’t do that. Dream bigger, try something different.’ Douglas Kearney In this interview with Griffin …