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2024 Prize


A. F. Moritz

Jan Wagner

Anne Waldman


Longlist Press Release

Shortlist and Lifetime Recognition Award Press Release

Griffin Poetry Prize Longlisted & Shortlisted Poets

Amelia M. Glaser (Shortlisted)

Yuliya Ilchuk (Shortlisted)

Halyna Kruk (Shortlisted)

Jorie Graham (Shortlisted)

Ishion Hutchinson (Shortlisted)

Ann Lauterbach (Shortlisted)

Ben Lerner

George McWhirter (Shortlisted)

Homero Aridjis (Shortlisted)

Emilie Moorhouse

Joyce Mansour

Fred Moten

Mira Rosenthal

Tomasz Różycki

Cole Swensen

Longlisted & Shortlisted Book Covers

A Crash Course in Molotov Cocktails (Shortlisted)

To 2040 (Shortlisted)

School of Instructions (Shortlisted)

Door (Shortlisted)

Self-Portrait in the Zone of Silence (Shortlisted)

Emerald Wounds: Selected Poems of Joyce Mansour

perennial fashion presence falling

To the Letter

And And And

Lifetime Recognition Award

Don McKay

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